An Educator, Coalition Builder, Community Leader, and a two-time graduate of Georgia State University Larry B. Carter II is the candidate for Atlanta City Council District 4. As current West End Resident Larry has been involved with hands-on community engagement and improvement in District 4 since 2009.

Larry lead the charge to reengage and create a unified voice in Ashview Heights Community. Larry was one of the first to receive the City of Atlanta’s “Love Your Block” Grants for Ashview Heights. He also served as Vice-Chair on the Neighborhood Planning Unit T, where he worked closely with residents and Atlanta City Council representatives to foster a transparent line of communication. As a board member of West End Neighborhood Development (WEND), Larry ensured diverse voices were represented.

Creating strong coalitions, Larry served as a Diversity Coordinator and a Lead Teacher in Atlanta Public Schools District from 2012 -2017. In his role, Larry worked with staff, teachers, students, parents, and community stakeholders to bridge the gaps in connection in underserved communities. Helping others is a passion of his.

Since 2017 Larry join the U.S. Census Bureau. He supports the Black/African American, LGBTQ+, and Individual with Disabilities portfolios. Larry’s work has been grounded in creating healthy communities. Larry is focused on creating healthy communities through affordable housing, public safety, and inclusive development.